Invisible interactions

Mapping systems, objects, data and bodies amid the varying scales of the emerging smart city. This project is continuous as part of the MA Situated Practice program at UCL which concludes in December 2018.

There has been more information produced by mankind in the last 30 years than during the previous 5000. Over the next 30 years the breath and scope of information collected will be intensified on account of the Smart City. Electronic data collection sensors are emerging throughout cities and being introduced into homes globally in order to manage assets and resources efficiently. For the proposed model of the smart city to be successfully deployed data centres are crucial to process and store data. Whilst the potential for such a model to establish optimal efficiency, sustainability and connectivity is undeniable, methods of managing immensely personal data through devices in the city, home and body raises concerns around data ownership and security risks.

In order to investigate these concerns this book maps a series of connections within the smart city in order to expose unseen human interactions and data processes. My intervention tracking my own body with a range of IoT devices whilst I journey through the city in order to better understand the journey data goes on from the body, to the data centre and onto later analysis.

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